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Ayurveda uses two types of medicines; plant based (kashadh aushadhi) ayurveda and metal/chemical based (ras aushadhi) ayurveda. Our doctors are aware that chemical based medicine may be harmful to already compromised kidneys, so we always use plant based (kashadh aushadhi) ayurvedic medicine. We do not use metallic derivatives and inorganic chemicals in our medicines. We use to cultivate maximum of our herbs in our own herbal garden without the use of any INSECTICIDE, PESTICIDE OR FERTILIZER. Fresh herbs are collected from Herbal Garden and dried under strict precautions. Extracts are prepared and filled in vegetable capsules. None of chemical is used in preparation of tablets or capsules. Buy herbal supplements online both men and women can benefit from herbal supplements, because they can improve overall health and beauty, to help you with weight loss, skin care, hair loss, and other health deficiencies. These supplements can drastically help you improve the way you feel, give you more stamina and help you look better. Herbs and tonics have been around long before prescription medications existed. Now many of these traditional herbs have been implemented in to what we now know today as dietary or health supplements. Many times prescription medications can cause secondary unhealthy side effects to our bodies, whereas herbal remedies and supplements can help your body recover faster, give you more stamina and even help you lose weight, without causing harmful side effects that prescription medicines can cause. Before considering prescription based medications, treat you body to natural herbal products for weight loss, diet and overall health. http://www.ayurvedahimachal.com/index.php?page=products
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